Critical Facilities Roundtable at NFMT

August 10, 2020

1:00–5:00 PM

Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD

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Join Jeff Gilmer and David Hutchison from Excipio in a thought leading discussion regarding the changing landscape of the data center. There are many options related to the data center facilities, which can create a confusing situation for those who are faced with the decision on how to manage their data center environment. The workshop will focus on these options and discuss the pros and cons of future potential solutions. Topics to be included in this roundtable discussion include the following:

  • Our Current Data Center
  • Upgrading our Current Data Center
  • Colocation Services
  • Building a New Data Center
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Center "As a Service"


Jeff Gilmer, a senior partner with Excipio Consulting has more than thirty years' experience in business, technology and finance. He is a hands-on leader, recognized for exceptional management, process, methodology and business acumen. He is effective in both restoring and building organizations through improved long term process improvement and implementation of solid scalable methodologies.

He is an accomplished industry presentor in many topics including venues such as executive breifings industry seminars and international conferences. His style encompasses audiences ranging from technical engineers to business, finance and executive management providing each of the participants with logical thought leadership.

Excipio has completed hundreds of Data Center assessments in recent years, for both public and private organizations ranging in size from 350 to over 100,000 employees. In Jeff's role at Excipio this includes many organizations such as Carlson Companies, Coca Cola, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, FICO, MD Anderson, States of Delaware, Florida and South Carolina, United Health Group and US Bank.