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Minimizing Data Center Downtime February 25, 2020 Webinar

Continuous uptime is what all facilities managers strive for in their data center operations. But what does it take to truly minimize downtime? A thorough assessment can assist the facilities team in achieving 100% uptime for multiple years by identifying and addressing deficiencies before they become a problem. In addition, ensuring you have adequate staff size and shift coverage, as well as thorough site-specific procedures and training programs will confirm you are effectively addressing the most common cause of downtime: human error. Attend this webcast to learn how you can be proactive in your data center to avoid downtime.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Review the greatest threats to data center uptime
  2. Understand how assessments can be used to avoid downtime
  3. Examine appropriate staff and shift coverage strategies to match your organization’s uptime objectives
  4. Review best practices for training and procedures programs

David Boston, Director, US Global Critical Environments Team, BGIS

David Boston began his critical facilities career as Facilities Manager for GTE Data Services from 1985 - 1995. With the Uptime Institute, he assisted data center management teams for 14 years in two roles: consortium director and consultant. While operating David Boston Consulting and later with TiePoint-bkm Engineering, David provided consulting services for critical facility clients throughout North America and Europe, as he does today through his role at BGIS: critical facilities operations strategies, assessments, staff plans, and the development of comprehensive procedures and training programs.

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