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Data Center as a Service


As companies are looking to increase efficiency and use their available funding on what is best for their business, many are looking at alternative uses for their data center. In addition, they are focused on use of technology to help them continue to improve time to market, increase customer service, and maintain the competitive edge needed in today's world. Many are looking to alternative methods of technology delivery and the "As A Service" offering has been introduced to the industry. Lately, the Data Center As a Service and Disaster Recovery As a Service seem to be appearing in marketing materials from many organizations. What does this really mean for the Data Center in the future? This session will discuss how "As A Service" relates to the Data Center, and when and how it makes sense for an organization to provide or use Data Center As A Service in their technology solutions. This will cover topics for both data center providers, as well as internal data center operators. Learning Objectives: 1. What is "As A Service" and how does this relate to the Data Center 2. How does "As A Service" impact the Data Center 3. What are the key components of Data Center As A Service 4. When does Data Center As A Service make sense for an organization

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