Risk Management

Need-to-Know Trends in the Critical Facility Space


In theory, critical facilities are designed for 99.99 percent uptime. In reality, 31 percent of data centers experienced downtime or severe service degradation last year, caused by the usual suspects of human error, cyber crime, UPS failure and severe weather. It’s a statistic that prompts the question: How well prepared am I to prevent downtime in my own organization? This session provides expert perspective on tackling resilience, uptime and risk. Our panel of thought leaders will identify common vulnerabilities as well as emerging threats, and shine a light on how mission creep can undermine even the most robust disaster response plan. The session will also offer advice on communicating with top management to get the support you need for steps to improve resilience. From best practice outcomes to worst-case scenarios, this interactive conversation will equip attendees with concepts they can apply within their own facilities to minimize downtime. Learning Objectives: 1. Identify common reasons for downtime 2. Understand new risks to data centers and critical facilities 3. Review steps to improve resilience by tackling issues that reduce availability 4. Describe strategies for getting top management support for measures to address vulnerabilities

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