Energy and Power Management

New Tools for Energy Efficiency: AI and Machine Learning


When it comes to energy use, machine learning – along with its counterparts AI and neural networks – is poised to create significant impacts in the data center community. Are you ready to make the most of the opportunity? This session presentation kicks off with introduction to need-to-know terms including machine learning, AI and neural networks, then goes on to detail a pilot project of one company’s building and lab. Attendees will see how extracting deep and beneficial data can point the way to greater efficiency, and the value of applying ASHRAE Standard 55-2017 to the process. Learning Objectives: 1. Identify and apply emerging terms such as machine learning and AI 2. Analyze the benefits of using AI and machine learning to manage critical facilities 3. Review data gathered from a lab and critical facility pilot project 4. Discus the value of applying ASHRAE 55-2017 to energy efficiency initiatives

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