Operations and Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Strategies for Critical Facilities


The reasons for not committing to preventive maintenance are many: There's no good way to accommodate down time, or the emphasis should be on responding to failure versus scheduling inspections, or there's not enough time to dedicate to PM. The result: Many mission critical facilities become bogged down in reactive maintenance mode, which can be costly to say the least – and disastrous at worst. This session will help assess where your organization's maintenance approach currently stands and will provide a guide for transitioning to a preventive maintenance approach that can — and will — work in a critical environment. Learn how to gain buy-in from both staff and upper management on a PM approach by demonstrating its value and highlighting bottom-line results. Learning Objectives: 1. Define preventive maintenance in the mission critical building 2. Explain the benefits of preventive maintenance 3. Identify the common roadblocks to implementing a preventive maintenance initiative 4. Evaluate ways capture the benefits of PM for tangible, bottom-line results

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