Operations and Maintenance

Regulatory and Compliance Impacts on the Data Center


The data center industry evolves rapidly, with obsolete designs being updated with what is new and innovative. It has become increasingly difficult for data center developers and operators to understand all the regulatory and compliancy requirements and what really impacts the data center. Some of these regulatory and compliancy standards include PCI-DSS, PII-SPI, HIPPA/PHI, and CJIS. Navigating and prioritizing standards can be difficult, however an effective interpretation and understanding is critical to the ongoing success of data center operations. This seminar will discuss how to apply best practices to new designs, and successfully balance financially both the need to maintain regulations while investing in technological advancement. Learning Objectives: 1. Discuss the compliance standards your data center should meet 2. Identify the most common compliance violations 3. Review elements of PCI-DSS, PII-SPI, HIPPA/PHI, and CJIS compliance standards 4. Assess the risks of ignoring compliance codes

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